Our Strategy

Project 2000 International focuses on the following aspects:


Connecting private and public companies, community organizations and individuals to co-finance its projects and those of affiliated organizations.

Organize fundraisers and provide educational programs for staff of affiliates participating in the programs sponsored in the communities. This project is also an illustration of the implementation and harmonization by the partners through their funding procedures in coordination with relevant and beneficiary communities.

Support the efforts of peasants and farmers across the country. Assist groups, associations and farmers by giving them technical advice so that they can ensure the proper management of their organizations and improve their farming practices.

Acting as intermediaries in the marketing of products from farmers, helping to maximize the chain of production and distribution and to find the best opportunities on the national and international markets.


Assist in the creation of health centers in distant cities.

Provide affiliated centers of Project 2000 with medical and pharmaceutical equipment.

Through our forums and discussions on sexual problems and of reproductive health, nutrition and general health, provide guidance and support services on domestic violence in order to strengthen the skills and knowledge of members and communities. These groups are therefore responsible for disseminating knowledge learned from their peers by educational talks, health fairs, marches to promote awareness and any other means they have identified. <


Introduce health education to the population by providing health education materials and instruction about what is happening in the world of preventive health.

Providing equipment and school supplies to schools in the corporation.

The problem of access to education and fair treatment, must be addressed. These include building schools, training and remuneration of educators, social and economic factors that determine access and the abandonment of school, direct and indirect costs incurred by families and external assessment of performance of education by families.

The access problems must also be addressed in terms of equity, reducing disparities for the most vulnerable and the most remote areas.

Human Resources

Provide experts to organizations, foundations and cooperatives to help them structure and facilitate their development.

Participate in the creation of new projects and cooperatives. Support the implementation of their given projects and management of communities with greater accountability and synergy of local players in the education community and financial partners including parents, teachers, representatives of local authorities, associations, organizations, private businesses and individuals.

Assist in the area of schooling—building the capacity of responsible management and strategic management, the strengthening of financial management.

Focus on the projects of the organization which affect the areas of health, basic education and agriculture. We especially target communities in rural and urban poor. To this end, the organization prepares the groundwork so that affiliated organizations have the opportunity to take an active part in international forums to promote education, development and the environment.