Our Mission

Project 2000 began with a program based on a five year plan with the aim of introducing technology, equipment and durable products in Haiti. The organization wishes to participate in the achievement of their developmental goals, ensure primary education for all children in Haiti, promote and advocate for sustainable development nationally.

Project 2000 International is a non-profit organization whose primary role is to petition for assistance from small companies, large corporations, and hospitals. The Project is in search of donations of equipment and facilities to contribute to the work of social and economic emancipation in the fields of education, health, agriculture and hence ensure poverty reduction. The founders of the organization intend to enlist other partners, both within and outside the country, to defend in international forums implementation of innovative features to increase aid required for the achievement of ongoing projects.

Education is the foundation upon which all durable development depends on. With a literacy rate of 52% and 67% enrolment in primary schools, education remains a major challenge in terms of economic and social progress in Haiti. There is only a small percentage (10%) of primary schools financed entirely by the Haitian state and some international organizations. Access to primary education for all tends to deteriorate throughout the country, resulting in the difficulty or the impossibility for many children from poor families in both urban and rural areas to access primary education. There are many obstacles: lack or inadequacy of infrastructure, inadequate or unskilled staff, high tuition costs, and lack of income for families to pay.

Parental involvement is thwarted by an adverse financial environment, and this situation is not the only problem faced the population. The government must also mobilize the efforts of all stakeholders-in particular the citizens-to help alleviate the financial hardship.

Whether donors, national and international organizations of civil society, or the private sector business—we must engage in actions to support the efforts of the founders of Project 2000 International to transport materials and school equipment to schools, cooperatives, community organizations and Haitian foundations. We also solicit the educational, technical, medical and financial support for our students and their families.

Project 2000 International wishes to contribute to resolving the problem of access to education for all. The organization is a meeting point for the private, non-governmental organizations and international sector interested in the issue of sustainable development for Haiti.