Eliminating Poverty One Borrower at a Time

Project 2000 International, Inc. has its core service as education. We believe that if people are educated, opportunities will result. We have now began to grow beyond our core service by providing health services, agricultural education, micro-credit and training schools in order to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial revolution in Haiti.

What is Project 2000 International, Inc.?

We connect private and public companies, community organizations and individuals to co-finance our projects and those of affiliated organizations. We organize fundraisers and provide educational programs for affiliate's staff who participate in community-sponsored programs. This project is also an illustration of the implementation and harmonization by the partners through their funding procedures in coordination with relevant and beneficiary communities. We support the efforts of peasants and farmers across the country. Assist groups, associations and farmers by giving them technical advice to ensure proper management of their organizations and improve their farming practices. We act as intermediaries in the marketing of products from farmers—helping to maximize the chain of production and distribution and to find the best opportunities on the national and international markets.


To offer quality integrated services to entrepreneurs who lack access to the formal banking sector with the goal of providing economic independence and equal opportunities in society. Moreover, our mission is to affect small-cap sectors employing a predominately female workforce. We strive to implement micro-credit as a springboard to enhance the status of women in developing countries, directly improving their standard of living and that of their families and as a source of profound change within a society by rebalancing the current inequality between the sexes.


To contribute to the personal, managerial, and financial development of entrepreneurs through micro-credit, business training and leadership opportunities. Promote autonomy among entrepreneurs and provide them with the education necessary, as well as the capital necessary to operate a sustainable enterprise. The implementation of these programs offers the opportunity to conduct training activities, including community development and business management. Combining the experiences and gifts of donors with the talent and determination of entrepreneurs are the new tools to self-sufficiency.

Our Services and Groups of Entrepreneurs

Financial Services Economic and Credit Programs Creation of Communal Banks Micro-Credit is critical in alleviating the plight of the poor around the world. Borrowers who utilize micro-credit have no other access to credit. Their only access to credit is through moneylenders who apply rates approaching 1% per day! With rates ranging typically between 24 and 30% a year, the micro-credit organizations provide credit access to entrepreneurs' manageable assets of developing countries. In well-managed institutions, the rate of loan repayment are approximately 95%?evidence that rates are not at all insurmountable. Sustainability can be attained through training in leadership, money management, and business planning through identification of their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). We will charge at Project 2000 International 1.5% monthly.

Economic and Credit Program

In order to reinforce the financing of micro-enterprise establishments, educational sessions have been added to shape the new business ventures or diversify and improve the ones already in existence. The benefits of the program include: Opportunities to save and obtain greater gains in managing their own businesses Obtaining the knowledge necessary to access the capital market at a later date due to their understanding of how the capital market operates.

The Road to Financial Security

Here Project 2000 International, Inc. introduces the focus on financial education as a tool to reduce poverty and further create opportunities for greater return on investment by participating in the educational program of finance taught by members of Project 2000 International, Inc. This chapter offers elements of participatory investigation, including a small section of different types and a description of the application of those methods. It also includes some reflections on the learning group from an operational standpoint, as well as some recommendations for application.

Gender Inequality to Equality

This chapter presents basic concepts on the study of gender and how inequality is reflected in the private lives between women and men. There is also commentary on alternative solutions for improving the gender situation and the application of a gender perspective in a social finances program.

Access to Capital Through Micro-Credit Financing With a Different Focus
At the beginning of the chapter there is commentary on the situations in the world that trap women financially. Later, there is reflection on the obstacles women face in accessing economic resources. Earlier, the theme of money (from the perspective of men and women's relationships in today's society) was introduced; the problems of power and dominance that generate the possession of money in gender situations will later present the characteristics of a financial culture with a gender focus as an alternative for promoting access and control of resources for women.

Financial Services

This chapter briefly discusses the financial systems upon which Project 2000 International, Inc. training is based. Later, the chapter presents the methodology of the social finances program. At the end of each chapter, the suggestions for working with a reflection or focus group in actual participation are listed along with information about Project 2000 International, Inc. participants from the Savings and Credit group.

How can you help?

Donations can be made in-kind or monetary bequests Children's clothing and shoes, candy, notebooks, pencils Clean bond paper (regular office and letterhead) Office volunteers or virtual volunteers Maintaining computer equipment Receptionist work Messenger Graphic Design Accounting Marketing Business Administration Teaching Volunteering in Haiti Be an advocate for our programs in your community, companies, church etc. Have a fundraising activity on our behalf in your respective communities. This project will enroll approximately 150 families or entrepreneurs.